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A software engineering training company.

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Our mission is to help every individual realize their full potential. Through training, mentoring and coaching, we help individuals reach new heights in their lives and careers.

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Our trainings are hands-on based on experiential learning methods. The course curriculum is designed to be relevant and focused on in-demand and emerging technologies and topics.

Our instructors

Our instructors are the best in the business. Our instructors have decades of industry experience, teaching experience and are considered an authority on the subjects taught.

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We offer a range of programs which build portfolios with much needed new-age skills and advance your existing software careers.

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We guarantee a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the training provided.

About Us

Sometimes the only difference between success and failure is in getting the right direction. The direction which is right for you.

Anu Arora

Anu Arora is an accomplished senior technology leader with a proven track record for the quality of world-class software products including Microsoft’s Windows. In her 18 years of experience in high tech industry, her key experiences were around delivering high quality products through strategy, partnership, listening to the customers around the world and building highly skilled organizations.

Bruce Cronquist

Bruce Cronquist is a guest presenter in the Testing and Successful Career Hunting series. He has been active in the computer industry for over thirty years. Twenty-four of those years were spent at Microsoft Corporation developing, testing, and shipping software and services. He presently manages the training of over 1200 engineers in the Emerging Technologies Division of EMC2.